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Are you an A-type frustrated by designers and developers who waste your time, and your money?

Do you need a website to take your online business to that next level you can clearly picture in your head?

Ready to leave the DIY projects for the ones around your house, on the weekends?

Does your on-the-go lifestyle require a tell-all website that sells for you while you enjoy time outside of your business?

do you have

website shame?

every dream website build starts with a designer who can READ YOUR MIND!

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    Are you ready to cry happy tears because your new designer is just.that.good!?

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    Want to connect with a trailblazer who has her finger on the pulse so you always get the best advice?

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    Need someone to take the lead so you can catch your breath and plan your next big offer?

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    Are you inspired by visionary team members who come up with innovative ideas that suit your brand perfectly?

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    Need a WordPress whizz in your corner so you can maintain your site without breaking things or call her when you do?

hey chick,

It’s not all magic and goosebumps.

Creating a website in a day, or week, is a culmination of the hard work you are putting into your business by investing in top notch content for your dream home on the web!

I can’t build without the foundation, so watch this masterclass and download my hassle free guide and organize your content ahead of time so building your website is a breeze. It’s like meal-prep for websites, and you will buy back hours in your business by putting in the work now!



are you ready for...

a STRESS-FREE website build?

  • Love your business coach to pieces and done those workbooks?
  • Have a killer visual brand?
  • Got your poses on lock?
  • Feel all giddy inside when you read the amazing copy you’ve had written for your online business?
  • Just need to tie it all together with an effective website that won’t take longer than it needs to?
Website Design
Pick your package

from $7950

one week


Your whole business in a box for my ultimate VIP client

from $2750

one day

brochure website

Your 5 page brochure style bespoke website in a day

from $797

one page


Custom designed one page landing or sales page

budget tight & time challenged?

I've got you chick!

choose a template & tweak it yourself

from only $27


for WordPress

Super easy to download and import into your website and even easier to edit and add your branding!  In 30 minutes you could have that opt-in and thank you page live and getting sign ups to your list.

My clients call me a patient saint who happens to make websites, Charlie calls me “mamma”.

I’m Chantal, and I want to create your drop-dead gorgeous website, quickly.

I am a WordPress lovin’, Beaver Builder huggin chick with a taste for good wine, and painless tech.

And yes, I'm also an award-winning serial entrepreneur, super mom and  website designer and developer.

Three years ago, I refined my dated, stressful web design business so that I could create amazing, high converting websites in the shortest time frame possible. Now I work with successful entrepreneurs who want to increase their revenue and elevate their businesses with the click of a button.

ready to step up?

Your high-level website in a fraction of the time because it doesn't have to

take SO LONG




There’s nothing worse than starting an epic business that swallows all your time and attention.

My work style will have you back home and chilling with your kids, or on a beach in Malta before you know it!

Yes queen,

I’m allergic to drawn out processes and unnecessarily long build times.

Because my super power is understanding your needs quickly, I can deliver what you need without delay.


if it feels heavy it’s not a website by me

For your peace of mind, and my reputation,

all my websites come with:

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    Totally custom designed pages (no templates here!)

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    A kick ass drag and drop page builder that makes it super easy for you to edit your website

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    And...a whole bunch of other top tech stuff to ensure you are getting the best “bones” for your buck

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    Fast turn around ... like really!

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    A focus on gorgeous design AND your clients user experience so you convert them online right then and there

Most importantly … there’s me … your tech-loving friend from the internet, creating the website of your dreams with zero stress and loads of excitement.

Your laptop life is on the other side of your dot com.

Let’s create your dream website.

Four signature offers to choose from, one of two lead times to call your own, so many unforgettable online experiences waiting to happen.

Connect with your dream clients now.

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