Which web font to use?

Which web font to use

Good font choice is vital to get your message across accurately!

Font choice is usually our starting point when we design a website but, “which web font to use?”,  is not a question answered easily!

The choices are almost endless, especially with so many web safe Google Fonts available now!  And all that choice can lead to “paralysis by analysis” mode and have you unable to choose.

So the question remains…

Which web font to use?

Naturally being web designers and developers, we are quite visual, and font choice is one of those things you need to see.

If you are looking for simple inspiration … http://fontpair.co lists some classic combos as a starting point. I love http://hellohappy.org/beautiful-web-type/ as a beautiful and quick way to see some nice combos.

Of course, you should always check https://www.google.com/fonts – you can filter by category on the left to narrow down the options shown and you can also type your own copy into the preview text area at the top to see specific words in the fonts shown.

Our favourite tool …

Our absolute favourite tool is the Web Font Blender!  This awesome website allows you to choose fonts for headings, sub headings and text and adjust the size and other variables on the page so you can put different font choices together and see how they work.

What are your favourite font combinations?  Let us know in the comments …


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