How To Add Custom Fonts To Your Website


Found the perfect font, now what?

I just know you trawled the web for days to find that just perfect custom font.  The right font can make or break your branding, it speaks volumes without the reader even realizing.  So before you go and buy the wrong license, spend more money than you need to, or if you just have no clue where to start, this is for you.

Where can I find paid fonts?

  • Creative Market

    Ready-to-use design assets from 17,021 independent creators

  • My Fonts

    This is the go to font site out there.

  • Da Font

    Another big font site.

How can I use the font I have chosen for my website?

The first and most important thing you need to check out before you buy or download your font, is licensing!

Buying a font online from any of the usual font sites, does NOT mean you can use that font on your website as well!

Every font had different licensing options, for both Desktop (your machine) and Website use and for personal vs commercial use.  Some have separate licensing for use in Apps as well.  There are many many variations and options.

TIP 1: Only buy what you need!

So check the licensing and buy only what you need.  If you are never going to do any of your own artwork on your Desktop – you don’t need a Desktop license for the font – if you are only ever going to use it on your website, only buy the web version.

Similarly – if the font you have chosen comes with 8 variations and you are only planning on using 2 of them – don’t buy the whole pack – it may work out cheaper to buy just the 2 font variations.

TIP 2: Try before you buy!

Any font viewed in isolation looks gorgeous – but when paired with your information, your photos, your brand it may just not work, it may not be what you were picturing in your minds eye.  Most font website have a try it first option where you can try it out for a period – if the option is there use it.  Very few font websites will refund you if you realize you made the wrong choice.

TIP 3: Check all font licensing options before you sign off that design!

There’s nothing worse than getting a big surprise from your web developer when the font your graphic designer used for your website design is only available for web usage with a recurring subscription payment option of $99 a year … just for your font!  To change the whole design after the fact is not ideal.  So in the early stages of the design cycle, make sure you have investigated and understand the licensing for those fonts being used for both Desktop and Web usage.  Don’t assume your graphic designer knows about font licensing – they often just design away with whatever paid fonts they have and don’t give thought to costs of using the font across all platforms.

TIP 4: Make sure your web designer & developer can use custom fonts on your website!

I know what you are thinking, surely I can use any font I want?  Well not necessarily, certain themes don’t easily allow for this and your web expert will have to custom load the fonts using code, etc. – if this is not within their skill set, you may find yourself unable to recreate the look you are wanting.

Needless to say, custom fonts are no problem for me to add to your website at all – and  you will have access to them in your page editor listed in your Font List along with all your Google Fonts.  I do need confirmation of your licensing in order to do this.

TIP 5: Read the small print!  Free for “personal use” is not free!

Understand that the term “free for personal use” is just that.  This license does not apply to your business website for example.  Or using it for your social media artwork on your Facebook Page or Group.  Any use outside of personal use is considered commercial use and you will need a license for it.

Do I have to buy a font?

No, there are hundreds of free Google Fonts to choose from.  This blog we wrote shares some tools to use when picking your free Google Font combinations and trying them out.

You can also find fonts free online sometimes – bear in mind, if it is free it will probably be extensively used and not as unique as a pay font.

Happy font playing!

Ready for your dream website!

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