one week

deluxe launch

A bespoke online sanctuary for your business. Done for you in one week so you can finally launch your slick, automated, money-making machine. Limited to one per month, now booking for February 2020.

Does sharing your website URL break you out into a cold sweat?

Are you fed-up with wasting hours trying to figure it out yourself?

Are you sick of working with web designers who don’t get your vision, overcomplicate everything, and take forever to get things done?

Are you just about ready to quit, overcome with frustration when you send yet another round of feedback and they ignore half of it or just don’t get back to you at all?

Is your website a bland and unflattering reflection of you that doesn’t represent your business or the value you deliver?

Are you making some money online, but you know it could be so much better, like 6 or 7 figures better?

have you given up on the website of your dreams?

are you tired of:

  • Managing the sales process manually.
  • Spending hours trying to fix your broken systems.
  • Signing up for the next best software with no clue how to use it.
  • Working for your website instead of your website working for you.
  • Bouncing your clients from one platform to another.
  • Trying to keep track of which system does what.

you’ve been around

And you know that “just another pretty website” won’t cut it. You want to take your business to the next level, and a static, seen before website that is updated a few times a year is a big no-no!


you can have it all!

A  custom design and an automated online sanctuary that’s super easy for you to update yourself.

  • Are you ready to give your blah site the boot?
  • Do you want to have people easily and automatically sign up for your courses or memberships with payments deposited directly into your bank account?
  • Wouldn’t it be nice if course registrations, usernames and passwords were all generated by a foolproof system that you never have to touch?
  • Do you want to sell products easily on your own terms in your own store with all the admin taken care of because your store is setup perfectly?
  • Is it time for a functional, beautiful online space custom-made for you and no one else?

You’ve done your homework... gathering all the bits that make up a kick ass website - new logos, a brand shoot, copy, you know how you want your business to work and have spent hours considering every detail - and now you need a website to turn those dreams into your reality!

so imagine this...

Opening your browser, and tearing up with joy…

...because you are looking at a freaking gorgeous website.

It’s not your mentor’s website, or your friend’s website, or your competitor’s website.


It’s a million times better than you imagined it could be, and it’s TOTALLY you…

It speaks directly and attracts your ideal dream clients.

It’s gorgeous and everything works.

It’s so easy for your clients to connect with you, book you, pay you!

It’s tech savvy and automated so all the prettiness is  seamlessly integrated with your systems.

it’s your whole freaking business online!

“I admit to being sceptical when Chantal said she could build my brand new membership/online course website in five days, especially when the other quote I’d received said minimum 6 weeks build time! Not only did Chantal deliver, she delivered so far beyond my expectations (which were already sky-high) that when I saw my finished website I cried.” Sally Oddy

here is how I do it...

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    I have a small, boutique business, so you don’t have to deal with the red tape, communication barriers and months-long lead times which are present when commissioning your website build to a large firm or agency.

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    One Week Deluxe Launch is limited to one website build per month, so you have ALL my attention from start to finish.

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    My onboarding process is quick and simple, and a Zoom meeting is all I need to get inside your head - no long, drawn out discovery sessions here! *it’s my magic*.

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    I’m an A-TYPE (like you!), and so I loooove to get things done, yesterday! I’ve built up incredible lead-times over the years, I named my biz 1 Day Webs after all!

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    Because your website content is done and perfect, we eliminate the back and forth for content creation. Of course, I check in with you about two weeks before to make sure everything is up to scratch to give you that Instagrammable finish!

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    I know my niche and when I get it, I get it! I’ve worked with some epic creatives, coaches and entrepreneurs in my lifetime, and because I truly understand the blood, sweat and tears that goes into the industry, I can design some pretty stuff, pretty fast!

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    I hate to brag, but I’ve never had an unhappy client! Because I get it right the first time, there are limited design changes.

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    I treat deadlines like I treat my kid. Seriously, if I have to work through the night to make things happen, that’s just what I’ll do! 

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    Part of achieving a personal, unique online sanctuary that you can call your own, is picking out all the details that will make your site pop! As a designer, I am happy to listen to any ideas you have for your space. If something won’t work, I’ll tell you exactly why, but I never throw the baby out with the bathwater, promise! 

one week

deluxe launch

... is a totally custom, integrated website build done for you in only one week.

It’s having your dream designer at your beck and call for five days flat, your online home developed to perfection from scratch - because premade mixes are for pancakes, not premium websites!

... starts with up to five custom designed pages tailored to your heart's content, plus up to three unique high converting sales pages or opt in pages with fully personalised thank you pages to swoon your audience from day one!

Because every website is different, you’re then able to craft the wishlist of all wishlists!

the options are endless

Start by selecting one of the following for your brand new website!

  • An online membership facility (dolllllar bills in your account every month like clockwork!) or an online course facility (free advice is cool but you SO need to eat too!) 

  • An online store (get paid instantly and stop devoting hours of your day to DMs that you’ve answered before…)

Remember, having a powerhouse of a website is not about ticking off a list of marketing to-do’s or making things all formal and complicated, it’s about owning your space online.  At the end of the day, you don’t own any of your social media channels - so it’s important to set up shop (and get your community engaging) on a platform that is 100% yours, and only yours! (*take that Facebook downtime*)

Whatever you decide, it’s totally customised and perfectly branded for you by moi!

Are you still struggling to seamlessly link your email list to your website?

Do you have your email funnel ready that sells your business while you sleep but don’t have a clue how to get people connected to it?

Are you curious about developing a fancy affiliate marketing system so that you reward loyal customers and get paid too?

but that’s not all

I’ll add the final bells and whistles so that you have a selling machine at your fingertips by the end of the week!

“When I think of Chantal I think of a patient saint who happens to make websites. This wonderful women is unflappable and like a secret weapon for any entrepreneur who needs the tech but also needs a web developer who speaks human and can make things simple! The result is a website that is more me and is also easy for me to adapt and change in the future. She is worth her weight in gold and this is why I will continue to work with her as my business grows and develops.” Jacki Bruniquel

the cherry on top:

Because maintaining your dream website can seem daunting at first, I’ll hold your hand for up to one month after our week together so that you are confident and excited about the back end of your new online sanctuary.


You want a website that has your name on it. A website that screams “YOU” and shares your process, your perspective, your super powers, in a way that is authentic to the touch (or mouse click!)

You want your website to speak to your clients as you would speak to them over Zoom, or email or green smoothies at your favourite yoga spot - no pretenses.

Being genuine, transparent and completely yourself is as important to you as your next sale, and you want nothing less than to be the absolutely best version of you.

and hey!

While you’re at the airport lounge waiting for your flight to Bora Bora, you want to bring your community and business online so you can get work done from wherever you’re living your dream life this week! 

You want your clients to pay, log in, access their goodies and use them while you keep track of their progress and send lovely messages to keep them motivated.


- and you can get it girl!

“Chantal 'got' me and my vision immediately. We didn't even talk on the phone once and I felt like she was inside my head. What she produced was exactly what I had dreamed about, but had pretty much given up hoping I'd ever be able to have. My website not only looks beautiful, but the functionality is seamless and the technology plugged into it has transformed my business into a sleek, automated, and systemised machine.” Sally Oddy

one week

deluxe launch


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    5 Page custom designed, built and launched website

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    PLUS Up to 3 high converting sales / opt-in / landing pages

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    PLUS Branded Thank you pages directing people to your Facebook Group or Instagram so you can grow it daily! 

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    PLUS either a membership site with online course functionality or an online store setup

  • tick

    PLUS Automation / List subscription setup

  • tick

    PLUS Affiliate system setup

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    PLUS your very own personalised video walkthrough of how all the bits work behind the scenes so you can hit the ground running and make changes, add more products, memberships, courses … even pages … 

  • tick

    PLUS A selection of training videos on every aspect of your website … think of it as your detailed video training manual for all the tech I’ve setup for you.

Most importantly … there’s me … your tech-loving friend from the internet, creating the website of your dreams with zero stress and loads of excitement.

It's the A to Z of your business online delivered in one week


A once-off payment of $4750 and you’re on your way to website bliss


A flexible payment plan so you get the website, and I get paid. Make two payments of $2375 each and we’ll call it a day!

this is for you if...

One Week Deluxe Launch is a fun, easy process if you are truly ready for your brand to explode online.

You’re ready to go if your photos are already edited, your copy is gorgeously written, your email lists are up and running, your offer is clear and concise, your process is defined and you know exactly how you want to market yourself online, you just need the tech-help, pronto!

You’re an intuitive and creative business owner and your online space needs an intervention! 

Whether you’re a coach, a photographer, an artist (teach me your ways) or designer I can take your whole business online in five days!

this is not for you if...

Ever booked a stunning package only to realise that you aren’t ready to embark on the journey? Well, that’s not happening on my watch!

Let’s be honest.

Being an entrepreneur and running a business online comes with valleys and mountains.

Maybe you don't know what your brand looks like yet. Maybe you don't know what your offer is yet. Perhaps your brand photos are dated and unlike you.  Maybe your copy sucks. That’s okay.

But One Week Deluxe Launch is best enjoyed once you’ve made sense of those foggy bits, I promise.

“Chantal is an absolute artist. She knows her craft of developing websites and creating additional content needed for an online business. She is well organised and created my new website in no time at all. She truly integrates your brand with you so that you can stand out online. She knows how to work with people and the results show.” Yvette Visser

Hi! I’m Chantal!

Hi! I’m Chantal!

Award-winning serial entrepreneur, super mom and  website developer.

In 2016, I changed up my old-school web developer ways and decided to build websites in one day for coaches and entrepreneurs who don’t have the time, money or stamina for long and complicated development processes!

I’ve been addicted to fast turn around ever since (I’ve been building websites since the 90s *omg*), and quite happily churn out some banging websites and online systems that are chic and tech savvy in the time it takes some people to respond to an email! *fail*

My clients live the laptop life from some of the most beautiful parts of the world while I make my home and office in beautiful, sunny Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

I love to keep my meetings short and empower my peeps to freely maintain their websites without the fear of breaking it! Hey, someone’s got to take the tech out of technology and make the website development process super easy to understand!

When I am not chasing after my toddler, Charlie, or enjoying a glass of wine with the beard in my life, Vince, I live a simple life fighting website shame and hot, sticky Durban nights!

# techie talk

Interested in what tools / frameworks are used to build my One Week Deluxe Launch?

  • WordPress is the base for your One Page Deluxe Launch build.
  • One Page Deluxe Launch Websites are built on the Beaver Builder Theme.
  • One Page Deluxe Launch Websites use the Beaver Builder Page Builder so you can easily edit your content pages once your website is done.
  • One Page Deluxe Launch Websites use the Beaver Themer Theme Designer so I can create custom headers, footers, blog layouts, course, membership & lesson layouts, hell custom anything really for you.
  • Gravity Forms (the best WordPress form plugin) will manage all your online forms needs.
  • Yoast SEO will be added to help you manage your SEO

what happens after the build?

  • I will hand over the keys to your brand spanking new online home and you can start showing it off.
  • I will be available to fix any bugs for a period of 1 month after the development.
  • You will have access to complementary online training and your logins for you to access and add new content or edit existing content.
  • I have website care plans available and I can be your website wing woman for an hourly investment if you want me to add anything further in future.

behind the scenes

  • tick

    Easy visual feedback tool on the pages as I build them

  • tick

    Your own client portal where you can easily access everything we have shared for your build

  • tick

    Extensive selection of training videos right in your dashboard

  • tick

    Website Owners Manual to help you keep all the important info in one spot

Easily leave feedback on your web pages


Built a website in the past?

You may have had an awful experience, it probably took months, sigh. And by the end of it, you probably hated your site as much as you hated your developer! But it doesn't need to be this way.

You can have the most amazing online presence developed in a short time frame to the highest standard by me. Absolutely customized for you. 

You deserve a website that feels like you, looks like you, speaks to your clients like you do, and automates a lot of what you're doing in your business, beautifully.

One Week Deluxe Launch is your ticket to a feminine, chic online sanctuary that sells your story, and your services in one clean, responsive and robust space!

Let’s get you live in five!


A once-off payment of $4750 and you’re on your way to website bliss


A flexible payment plan so you get the website, and I get paid. Make two payments of $2375 each and we’ll call it a day!

Do you have any questions?

What do you need from me before we begin?

I need your brand information, logos, photos, copy and any design inspiration you can find. Remember, rather too much than too little! Don’t forget that you need a registered domain and hosting logins too.

Where should I put all this information for you?

I’ll create a shared Dropbox folder for you where you can pop all these goodies for me … or if you use Google Drive … we can make that work too … just let me know your preference.

What is the best way to explain what I like and dislike, what I need and don’t need?

Let’s hop on a Zoom call to start with … and get acquainted … after all … I’m your new business bestie … I’d also love you to add me on Telegram so we can voicenote each other throughout the process to save time. The best way to explain what you like and dislike is with examples ... so screenshot the bits of websites you love / send me links with notes … I love this … I hate this … between that, your branding guidelines and a Zoom chat … I normally get a very clear picture of what you are dreaming about.

Are there any additional costs not included in the pricing?

That depends on variables specific to your website build.

If you will be collecting payments on your website, there may be a cost of about $99 per year for your payment gateway add-ons. This is specific to where you are in the world and what currency you use so it’s not built in.

If you will be building your email list (and yes, you should) then you can anticipate additional costs of between $99 - $249 per year depending on the email list platform you use or want to use.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t sure about this, I will help you make the decision and point you in the right direction.

Do I need a Website Care Plan?

Hell yes!!! Does your car need gas? Does it need a service? Does your house need upkeep? Yup! So does your website! You can totally take responsibility for this yourself but if you want me to do this for you, I’ve got your back! Simply add this option during checkout.

Are there refunds?

I have designed this offer in a way that gives you my undivided attention for the project period. I don’t take on any other work while working on your website, and so your payment secures your slot in my calendar and gives me the freedom to turn down other work. No refunds are available from the time of booking. Additionally, no refunds are considered during or after the project period.

How many revisions do I get?

You’ll have the option of up to three rounds of revisions. However, I find that most of my clients make only tiny revisions, once, maybe twice at most. This is because I strive to create something that you’ll absolutely love - the first time.

What if I’m not happy with my website?

I’ve seriously NEVER had this … not even once! And I’m a total people pleaser … so please please … send as much feedback as you can from minute 1 so there is absolutely no way you will be faced with something you don’t love.

How will we communicate during the process and how often will we communicate?

I’d love you to email me and to add me on Telegram so we can voicenote each other throughout the process to save time. If you want to document changes in a Word doc … that works too … or in your task management system (Trello, Asana, Basecamp, TeamWork … you name it, I can check it!)

… I’m here to make your life easier so I’m happy to work with what is already working in your business for our precious week together. The only thing I hate is a million individual emails with one task per email … please don’t do that to my inbox LOL.

I also provide a very easy to use commenting system where you can pop your comments on the pages directly for me and I will be able to easily see changes.

You can expect pretty frequent communication in that week … remember I’m building fast and the more feedback I get as I go through each page or section of your website... the more I can accomplish during our time together. So the first 2 days I need you checking in frequently to look at the pages and give me feedback. Once we are confident we are on the right track you can relax and let me get on with it and I’ll just pop you links as I complete things for easy review.

Where do I get my hosting logins?

If your previous website developer set up your domain and hosting from you, you need to request this information from them. Otherwise, just pop over the login information for the sites where you purchased your domain and hosting and I will find the information I need. Don’t have a domain or hosting? I can sort this out for you if you want … just shout.

I’d love to purchase this package, but I still need visual branding, photos and copy. Do you have any recommended suppliers?

Hell yessssss! I have AMAZING people to recommend!!! Please drop me a mail and I'll put you in touch.

If I don’t purchase a website care plan, and something happens to my website, can I reach out to you? How will you bill for this? Will you save me?

Of course you can … but remember I am typically booked out 2-3 months in advance … so I might be in the middle of a build in which case I am unable to help you immediately. I will move heaven and earth (and have done this before) to save your bacon … but I will have to invoice you for my time … this mamma has sacrificed way too many weekend hours with Charlotte to do it all for nothing LOL! My hourly rate starts at $150 for this kind of ad hoc work.

When I complete your website, you'll receive a copy of The Website Owner’s Manual which will help you keep track of all the important details about your website; including logins, hosting setup, DNS records, routine maintenance, & answers to my most frequently asked questions to help you have continued success with your website should you wish to give it a go on your own.

I’d love to purchase this package, but can I meet with you first? I’d love to know if we’re a good fit.