Celinne’s website is one of the websites many of my newer clients refer to for inspiration. Celinne’s previous site had quite a soft design and I felt Celinne was such a powerful influencer and personality that her website needed more weight. We used her navy in a more dominant way and introduced a heavy bold heading font which really gives her new site much more balance and weight.


I’ve been working with Chantal for a couple of years now, and it’s been nothing short of a pleasure. Chantal helped me redesign my website from scratch when I was going through a rebrand — I felt like she really made the effort to understand my vision, and execute on it until it was up to my standards (I’m a bit of a perfectionist — and Chantal totally got that!).

At the time of my website redesign, I was traveling and so busy, and Chantal went above and beyond to make life easy for me, accomodate my schedule, and make sure I got exactly the website I wanted! I get compliments on my website all the time, and even a couple of years later, it still feels modern, up to date, and sophisticated.

I also loved that Chantal made the website easy for me to edit. I’m not a tech person and she understood that, so she made it easy for me to learn how to edit the website on my own.

I’ve since hired Chantal and her team to create my own customized Course Hub, and manage my website and backend. I trust Chantal with my website and highly recommend working with her if you’re looking for a web developer who’s organized, detail-oriented, and cares about your business!

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