Jacki Bruniquel

I have to say that photographer’s websites are right up there on my list of favourite websites to do … because let’s face it those gorgeous images make my job as a web designer so much easier.  Jax came to me with a design, but really this project was a collaboration of imputes from all parties all curated under Jax’s very detail oriented eye until we finally hit the sweet spot that made her fall in love with her website.  Her website is slick, understated but very pulled together … but really this site is all about the images … so grab a coffee, and go and be amazed!


When I think of Chantal I think of a patient saint who happens to make websites. This wonderful women is unflappable and like a secret weapon for any entrepreneur who needs the tech but also needs a web developer who speaks human and can make things simple!

Chantal went above and beyond when it came to my website build and always made the time to listen, explain, tweak and polish. The result is a website that is more me and is also easy for me to adapt and change in the future.

She is worth her weight in gold and this is why I will continue to work with her as my business grows and develops.

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