Michaela was a dream client from start to finish! Motivated and well prepared, Michaela was ready to up level her brand to something more luxury than she had before.


Finding Chantal was like walking into a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. After three aborted attempts with other web designers everything with 1 Day Webs slotted into place with ease.

Chantal is an amazing designer. She took my vision from words on a page to the branded visual communication that is now my website.

While the site was being put together, we communicated with rapid ease as page by page my vision unfolded. I’m moving from mainstream to premium and I needed a website to reflect that.

Frankly, my previous website detracted from my expertise and ethos, my new one is something that I am now proud to show to the world. It is in alignment with who I am! I felt like I was in the hands of someone with expertise and someone who genuinely cared about getting a great result.

design highlights