You'll want in if...

  • You want to hire a professional to build your sales page or landing page and get results quickly!
  • You have your brand assets ready or can collect them quickly before signing up.
  • You know who your ideal client is and how you want your sales page or landing page to speak to them.
  • You know what the primary goal of your sales page or landing page is: SHMONEY, MONEY, HONEY!
  • You have a deadline, and you are sticking to it!

you'll bounce if...

  • You’re unsure about your product and you might change your mind about launching - again!
  • You don’t have a logo, colour palette, images or copy  and don’t think you’ll have those things for this launch.
  • You’re unsure about your ideal client for this launch or want to cast your nets wide instead of deep by marketing to the whole world!
  • You don’t really know why a sales page or landing page is essential for your product launch, you’ve just heard the term on the internet or followed me here from Insta.