Ugurus Podcast

Productizing And Personal Brand Success – Ugurus Podcast 

Listen in to learn about productizing, coaching, and branding your business successfully.

Episode highlights – Ugurus Podcast:

  • How Chantal productized her business, leading both to her success and to her clients’ happiness.
  • Why Chantal thought her business idea was going to solve all her problems—and what she did when she found out it wouldn’t.
  • The common misconception people have about clients and big agencies.
  • What happens if clients work with Chantal for more than a single day (it’s not what you’d expect!).
  • Best advice she’s ever received: cashflow is the lifeblood
  • Habit that contributes to success: problem solving and including personal brand
  • Recommended book: Roald Dahl and Isaac Isamov and anything with money mindset, including The Fairy Godmother
  • Recommended tools: HeyJude for VA help and Calendly

Listen to the Ugurus Podcast show here.

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