Your website is the heartbeat of your online presence. It is a living, breathing thing, that grows with you and your business, and so I’ve designed some epic website solutions for where you’re at and where you’re going! My community of international clients have seen results from each of these high converting, visually beautiful, tech proof website experiences and it’s time for you to take your pick!

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work with me
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Your whole business in a box for my ultimate VIP client

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Your 5 page brochure style bespoke website in a day

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Custom designed one page landing or sales page

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You design, I do tech setup, hosting & monthly care for you

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match made in heaven?

Hi, I’m Chantal, a website goddess with a mom bod and WordPress wand!

I’m not everybody’s cup of tea, but I’d like to think that I am somebody’s glass of Vino after a long stint with a wonky website. While I build websites fairly quickly, I think it’s super important that you don’t hate me so here’s a little horoscope prediction about our relationship before you say I DO!

It’s time to hire your biz bestie if…

  • You hate paperwork and filling in forms like me! I get everything I need in one quick call and my onboarding process is minimalist AF.
  • You have the confetti and champagne ready for when your website is done and dusted! Me too chick, me too! 
  • You have a vision board the size of your dining room table, and have some epic plans for your business. 
  • You respond to Slack messages with emojis, and exclamation marks, and ALL THE FEELS. Yip, your Vitamin D levels are on fleek as the young ones say! 
  • You’ve created a peaceful work environment for yourself, and your team, if you can’t bring the people to Bali, bring Bali to the people, hon! 

Run for the hills if…

  • You take ages to make tiny decisions. I’m sorrry, this is your website, not your bathroom tile! 
  • You’re determined to do things your way, even in the face of expert advice. I love that you know what you want, but I’ve got this! 
  • You haven’t quite moved on from your DIY phase and have Youtube running in the background if you need it!
  • You’re super critical, to the point of putting yourself (and others) down. Mom guilt is all I need right now, thanks! 
  • You can teach internet trolls a thing or two about starting drama. Eek, I haven’t seen a girl fight since high school so can’t help there! 
  • You want to move in and change the furniture in my house while I work on your website. I’m sorry, my lead times are impeccable and I can’t spend anymore time on your project that what is outlined in your project scope.