I flipping love working with coaches.  They are organized, motivated, and typically my kind of entrepreneurs.  Sally came to me fully prepared and skeptical about what I could design and develop for her … I was so thrilled to be able to design this gorgeous site for her with every bell and whistle in a week and looking gorgeous!  I loved her branding colors and she had wonderful photos for me to work with … with clear inspiration and ideas from her about what she needed, the design and development process was a pleasure for both of us.


I never knew it could be this way! I’ve been involved with several website build projects over the years and every single one of them has been disappointing, until I met Chantal. I literally don’t know how she does it. I admit to being sceptical when Chantal said she could build my brand new membership/online course website in five days, especially when the other quote I’d received said minimum 6 weeks build time! Not only did Chantal deliver, she delivered so far beyond my expectations (which were already sky-high) that when I saw my finished website I cried. Chantal ‘got’ me and my vision immediately. We didn’t even talk on the phone once and I felt like she was inside my head. What she produced was exactly what I had dreamed about, but had pretty much given up hoping I’d ever be able to have. Nothing is too much trouble, and Chantal is on hand 24/7 during your build (she literally sent me a voice note from A&E!) to calmly answer questions and provide information. Once I saw the design, I started to fret about functionality… surely everything can’t run this smoothly!? Well it did. My website not only looks beautiful, but the functionality is seamless and the technology plugged into it has transformed my business into a sleek, automated, and systemised machine. I wholeheartedly recommend Chantal for your website design and build – she has renewed my faith in an industry that seemed to always fall short and disappoint. I now have a website I’m obsessed with, and an incredibly professional, inspirational, motivational and friendly expert in my corner who I know I can always count on and recommend to my clients and contacts with total confidence. Put simply – Chantal has been a miracle when I needed it most and I’m so very grateful to her for bringing my business baby to life.

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